Local Bakery Craves Savings

The sweet aroma of cookies in the oven is enough to make a grown man weak to his knees in La Monarca Bakery. Serving Mexican style baked goods and lunch fare daily, La Monarca is home to traditional cuisine that leaves you craving more. With locations throughout the Los Angeles Area, La Monarca was interested in identifying sources of excess within their store front operations and contracted Fulcrum Resources Environmental (FRE) to assess their energy consumption.
FRE conducted the scope of their energy assessment at the Huntington Park location, as it contains the commissary where large amounts of goods are stored produced for their other locations. Through a Level 1 Energy Assessment, FRE identified the restaurants Source EUI (energy per square foot), to be 75% higher than the national median for restaurant establishments.

Though findings revealed their consumption to be significantly higher than the average restaurant, it’s not all bad news. FRE Senior Energy Consultant, Dan Stewart, tell us that “this [news] leaves our favorite bakery with several energy reduction opportunities and a handful of small tweaks that can make larger impacts on energy use and utility bills.” FRE provides a report detailing the findings, solutions, and reduction opportunities available to each client. He continues to mention that, “with the current reduction potential available at the La Monarca Huntington Park location, they are in a position to reduce operating costs and apply lessons learned into future locations.”
Reducing utility consumption can seem daunting, but the team at FRE ensures clients have the resources and information pertinent to achieve the desired results. Sometimes it takes a specialized team dedicated to identifying sources of excess and the solutions available to reducing or eliminate them. Get a team working for you today, contact FRE to start saving.

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